Miles Davis / From The Archives

miles_davis_-_mosaicWe head back to Slate for another installment of From The Archives. Up to bat is Fred Kaplan’s article Miles Davis’ Missing Years (Maybe his final albums weren’t such a bust after all).

Written in 2002, the central focus here is The Complete Miles Davis at Montreux, 1973-1991, the newly released packaged box set of 20 CDs—19 of which had never before been released. Really it’s about whether or not you should spend $250 on a mega Miles Davis box set – but and entertaining retrospective/review nevertheless.

“The band I had in 1987 was a motherfucker, man,” Miles wrote in his autobiography, and he was right. I heard Miles play live with this band four times in the late ’80s, and they were always terrific. Those concerts changed my thinking about the possibilities of jazz-rock fusion (I’d previously been a rigid skeptic). But the band put out only one studio album (Amandla, by far the best of his late-era works, but still plagued by the typical slick artifice) and made no live albums—or so we thought.

Miles Davis’ Missing Years / Fred Kaplan


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