All-Star Tribute To Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue’ Highlights Playboy Jazz Festival This Weekend


Via The Signal:

Saturday’s “Kind of Blue @50” homage to trumpet legend Miles Davis’ 1959 “Kind of Blue” album by Jimmy Cobb’s So What Band makes a direct connection to that epochal album, the classic era it represents, and to Playboy itself.

“The very first Playboy (magazine) interview was with Miles,” said Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, 83, who staged the first Playboy Jazz Festival in Chicago in 1959.

Now considered one of the greatest jazz albums ever recorded, “Kind of Blue” is certified quadruple platinum for sales of more than four million copies.

Drummer Cobb, 80, a longtime Harlem resident, is the sole surviving player from those historic sessions half a decade ago.

“The sound was good and the guys were playing really good, but I never figured it would last 50 years,” Cobb said. “It was probably just our time so I’m glad to have been part of it. And now we’re going to try to reproduce it, so people can feel what we felt. The guys we have right now are kin to what was happening back then.”

At the Bowl, Cobb will sit on a throne behind an all-star group featuring Wallace Roney (trumpet), Javon Jackson (tenor sax), Vincent Herring (alto sax), Larry Willis (piano) and Buster Williams (bass).

“If Miles were alive, he would have picked Wallace to do this,” Cobb said. “In fact, Miles did pick him one time. The last little gig Miles did in France with Quincy Jones, he had Wallace standing right next to him. I guess (Miles) wasn’t feeling well that day, and if anything happened where he couldn’t play, Wallace could do it for him. That’s how much Miles thought of Wallace.”


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