Miles Davis / From The Archives


Although Stylus Magazine is no longer operating, much of their music and film content is still available online. Our latest Archives post goes back to a Stylus feature known as Seconds, a column that examined “those magic moments that arose when listening to a piece of music that strikes that special chord inside.”

We jump back a couple years to Nick Southall writing about “Spanish Key,” from Bitches Brew.

3:14 and the electric piano hook rolls in for the first time, summoned by Miles, the heady hustle of rush hour brought to climax before NYC can relax and get into the groove for the morning’s work, no one taking the forefront, all parts equal, all perpetuating, all moving forward together, those three electric pianos and young John McLaughlin’s awesome, spiralling, scratching, wired guitar, always working, busy busy, looking around and creating business.

Click here to read the full Seconds column.

It’s a great write-up about a pretty terrific composition.


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