Miles Davis & Prince In Concert


I’m a big fan of Prince. I think the guy is a musical genius. As a performer he is among the greats, right up there with James Brown. He also collaborated with Miles Davis here and there back in the ’80s.

In honor of Prince’s birthday Sunday (June 7) the Honey Soul music blog has been so kind as to post a complete (complete!) New Years Eve concert from December 31, 1987, performed at Paisley Park. Photo above is from the show.

That alone is pretty awesome. But at this particular show none other than Miles Davis drops by to perform with Prince and the band.

I definitely recommend watching the entire show, but if you’re ready to see Miles Davis in action go ahead and fast-forward to about the 56:00 mark in the concert.

I love that when Prince calls out “Miles Davis” one last time at the end of the jam, a declaration to the audience, Miles just walks off the stage. No waves, no bows… no nothing. He just strolls off. Miles Davis to the end.

The footage is a big treat for both Prince fans and Miles Davis fans. That’s a lot of talent standing up there.

It’s something very cool to see and hear. Thanks again Honey Soul – you made my day.


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