Understanding The Gaslight Anthem’s “Miles Davis & the Cool”


I admit to not knowing too much about the rock band The Gaslight Anthem. That they have a song called “Miles Davis & the Cool” is reason enough for me to at least investigate their affinity for the Prince of Darkness.

I turn to an interview with IndyWeek (from April) to gain a bit of insight.

The Gaslight Anthem’s The ’59 Sound, with its songs of first loves and first losses, can make an old man 23 again. And with a musical backdrop built on Springsteen-style drama-rock but also beholden to punk and soul, it can make that old guy move. At the heart of the record is “Miles Davis & the Cool,” a song that’s a study of several flavors of youthful desire: the burning, bursting need for another person and the need to escape so you can find your way home. Brian Fallon, songwriter and frontman for The Gaslight Anthem, breaks it all down for us.

INDEPENDENT WEEKLY: Miles Davis is one of so many icons of cool. Why did you choose him for this song?

BRIAN FALLON: Miles Davis is the originator, the Birth of the Cool. It starts and ends there.

There you have it. Good enough for me.


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