Miles Davis, Birdland & Venus Retrograde

picture-31Without getting too scientific I’ll defer quickly to Nick Dagan Best’s article from 2007 where he examines ‘…a historical parallel between the synodic cycle of Venus and the Sun relative to explosive moments in U.S. black-white race relations over a span of 160 years.’

As part of his research he touches on the infamous, 1959 Birdland incident involving Miles Davis, the police and a nightstick.

Miles Davis attacked by policeman

Aug 26, 1959, early morning, Manhattan, NY 30

Venus retrograde, fourteen days following station

As with the Cicero and Emmett Till incidents, what set this otherwise-ordinary event apart was that it received major international publicity. Trumpet player Miles Davis, at this point a big name in the music industry for over a decade, stepped outside the Birdland Club in Manhattan on a night his band was booked for numerous sets. Having just helped a white woman friend of his hail down a cab, he was simply smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk when an NYPD officer came by and started giving him trouble. Davis was hit hard on the head with the cop’s nightstick, and then arrested for disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer. In the end, Davis won a lawsuit against the city of New York, and a major symbolic victory in the war against oppression.

If you think that’s interesting, Best also features another astrological study called –

Miles Davis, Marilyn Monroe & Allen Ginsberg:

Gemini 1926: Profections and Venus Cycles

Miles Davis, Marilyn Monroe and Allen Ginsberg: three very different individuals, all born within about a week of each other.

What I’m going to do is run through all three of their chronologies and list all key events that occurred during either a Venus retrograde (including the shadow period, more on that in a sec) or Sun-Venus superior conjunctions, during which the direct-in-motion transiting Venus is conjunct the Sun. Ill also be explaining the use of annual profections to highlight planets at given periods, with regard to transits.

Honestly, it’s pretty darn remarkable. It’s somewhat crazy in one way, yet it makes perfect sense when you sit with it for awhile.


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