Miles Davis / The Boxer

milesboxing2Here is the first of many posts that will feature articles, photographs and opinions about the sport of boxing in the life and music of Miles Davis.

I don’t love the title for this series, so I’m grateful for suggestions.

“…The proliferation of radio was a huge boost to boxing and garnered the Brown Bomber fans the all over the country. People would gather around the radio in stores, homes, and churches to listen to his fights.

As Miles Davis recalls, “We’d all be crowded around the radio, waiting to hear the announcer describe Joe knocking some mother****r out. And when he did, the whole goddamn black community of East St. Louis would go crazy…”

The above text is from Brett & Kate McKay’s wonderful article, Boxing: A Manly History of the Sweet Science of Bruising, found on the excellent The Art of Manliness website.


1 thought on “Miles Davis / The Boxer”

  1. theres ..allways been a connection with boxing and music and i came up with this idea and others have tryed to steal it… but if you have the dough im ready to blow minds from sonny liston to coltrane ..i mng now andrew lamb and bern nix and ron jackson and more lets talk glenn leslie

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