Talkin Miles: Outtakes, Philly Joe & Walkin’


  • Photograph of Miles Davis from a performance at Stanford’s Frost Amphitheater in the late 80’s. Via Terry Way.
  • “I caught up with jazz around the end of ’70s. That was the era of sort of jazz-rock music. But I looked in other directions too. Chet Baker was my master, and I learned a lot from Miles Davis and Charlie Parker too, and I also studied classical music.” — Italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu
  • Win a 50th Anniversary 2-CD copy of Sketches of Spain from
  • Paste Magazine’s Ten Perfectly Imperfect Musical Outtakes spotlights Miles Davis’  “One for Daddy-O” from Ballads and Blues. “Eight and a half minutes of blissed-out trumpet and smooth, right-on-time cymbals, closed out with a spot-on drumroll. You think it’s over, and flawless—then in comes Davis, in a perfectly imperfect growl: “Is that what you wanted, Alfred?”


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