Miles Davis In Outer Space

miles_mainCool, music-meets-outer space news this week.  Col. Timothy L. Korpa is leaving terra firma for the International Space Station next month, and for his journey on the space shuttle he’s packing a copy of Echo & The Bunnymen’s 1984 classic, Ocean Rain.

Over at Wired, Scott Thill and the staff put together a top 5 list of albums they’d want as their personal soundtrack for a rocket ride into space – the final frontier.

And yes, Miles Davis made the top 5.

Along with Pixies, Doolittle, My Bloody Valentine, Loveless, Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon and DJ Shadow, Entroducing, Miles Davis’, Birth of the Cool completes their Top 5 Albums to Blast Into Space.

…Jazz and space go hand in hand: Voyager’s Golden Record featured Louis Armstrong’s “Melancholy Blues,” among other standouts. But which jazz works best for astronauts? Charles Mingus seems a shoo-in, but his combo’s eruptions might prove too challenging for a weightless environment. Coltrane, Parker, Sun Ra … where to turn? Perhaps stick with Miles Davis’ classic Birth of the Cool until everyone can agree on something. These legendary sessions marked bebop’s evolution into the ’50s, and inspired a whole new school of cool. Its breezy hypnotics are perfect for the hypoxia of space….

I’m just riffin’ here, but for my outer space soundtrack I’ll go with:

Miles Davis – Seven Steps to Heaven

Elvis Costello – This Year’s Model

Stevie Wonder – Music of My Mind

Tom Waits – Closing Time

Van Morrison – It’s Too Late To Stop Now

Not very space-y (maybe I should have picked some Parliment), but nevertheless a handful of many albums I’d want with me for blast-off.


2 thoughts on “Miles Davis In Outer Space”

  1. I’m with you on Waits and Miles, but I’d much prefer Mule Variations (Or Bone Machine) and In A Silent Way. I’d round those out with Brian Eno’s Apollo (of course), XTC’s Skylarking and would probably have to stick with Wired’s choice of Floyd’s Dark Side.

  2. Mule Variations definitely works nicely. as does skylarking – such a great album. it’s tough to pick 5!

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