Miles Davis / From The Archives


Let’s stroll back, shall we, to 1998. Adam Shatz, writing for Slate, rediscovers the Miles Davis Quintet on the occasion of Columbia/Legacy releasing The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, January 1965-June 1968.

…But Davis was in a creative slump in the early ’60s. He couldn’t keep a band together, and he was being outpaced by younger players, such as pianist Cecil Taylor and saxophonist Ornette Coleman, who wanted to liberate jazz from harmonic conventions. Unlike his former sideman Coltrane, who aligned himself with the avant-garde and ultimately became its prophet, Davis sought a middle ground between improvisatory freedom and adherence to form.

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Jazz Democracy: Rediscovering the Miles Davis Quintet — By Adam Shatz

Image: © Joe Ciardiello

* Speaking of Joe Ciardiello, his website is loaded with great illustrations.


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