Talkin’ Miles: DVDs & Miles Davis On ‘Mad Men’


  • Ken Shane (PopDose) makes yet another appearance in the Talkin’ Miles feature. After last week’s crate diving expedition, which yielded the wonderful E.S.P., this week he’s reviewing the DVD Miles Davis: That’s What Happened, a 1987 Miles Davis concert in Munich.
  • An international line-up of jazz stars will be in Los Gatos this summer for the seventh annual Jazz on the Plazz summer concert series. The free Wednesday night concerts kick off on June 24 with Dennis Rowland, whose latest CD is a tribute to jazz legend Miles Davis.
  • “…I’m a big fan of Mati Klarwein, who did the sleeves for Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew and Carlos Santana’s Abraxas…” — Artist Marq Spusta speaking to Pitchfork as part of their Take Cover series.
  • Very excited that Mad Men is back in production, which means Season 3 is around the corner (August is the word for the premiere). No doubt next season will be great, but here’s hoping they find an opening or two in the storyline to use Miles’ music again. Season 1 (set in 1960) features two Miles Davis tracks: In Episode 5 (5G) we hear “Blue in Green” and Episode 8 (The Hobo Code) is highlighted by “Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio).” I wrote last year that show creator Matthew Weiner should get an actor to play Miles Davis in an episode. The scene: Miles Davis walks into a bar one evening only to encounter Don Draper. They end up talking about life and love and then Miles imparts some heavy advice, which helps Don in whatever  disarray he’s likely going to be in. Now there’s a storyline for you!

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