Miles Davis, Lover Of Fast Cars

lambo-milesDuring a search for All Things Miles Davis (our motto around here), I stumbled by Luxist and found a photo of a red, Lamborghini Miura – one of Miles’ favorites. Yes, Miles Davis loved his flashy cars.

Chris Weige, formerly of Downbeat Magazine, provides a teriffic history lesson about Miles’ affinity for fast cars… and the occasional handgun:

While it’s been rumored that he cruised around in his Lamborghini Miura with a .357 magnum under the seat and enjoyed outrunning the fuzz with people sitting shotgun, Davis was arrested in 1970 on weapons charges when he was sitting in his red Ferrari and an officer noticed he had accented his ensemble of a turban, white sheepskin coat and snakeskin pants with a pair brass knuckles.

One might have thought brass knuckles might not be enough protection, considering he had been shot in the hip while sitting in his car less than a year earlier in an alleged extortion plot. Two years after his arrest he crashed his Lambo and snapped both of his ankles, leaving him hospitalized for eight weeks and with a bum hip that required two surgeries and kept him down from 1975-81, which is when he developed a hankering for pain pills.


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