Talkin’ Miles: Playlists, Influence & Food

miles1·  Speaking to Billboard about the new Flaming Lips double-album, lead singer Wayne Coyne said that one new track, called “Convinced of the Hex,” is, “like Joy Division-meets-Miles Davis Group…”

· Ben Greeman is an editor at The New Yorker. He has a book coming out. He is addicted to Sly and the Family Stone. He put together a playlist for the NY Times: 2) Right Off, Miles Davis. There are only two long songs on the record, “Right Off” and “Yesternow.” This is a great song to play late at night, when you’re tired, because it’s hard to justify your own fatigue when you’re listening to a band that works this hard.

 · Sinatra Biopic In The Works; No Doubt Will Arrive Before The Miles Davis Movie

· A large portrait of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis hangs at one end of the new restaurant, his eyebrow raised as if to wonder what to make of the whole scene. — From a restaurant review for Slayton’s Tejon Street Barbecue in Colorado Springs.

· Not really Miles Davis related, but it’s worth pointing out that The Orchard has announced an exclusive recording and services agreement with Wynton Marsalis.


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