Sinatra Biopic In The Works; No Doubt Will Arrive Before Miles Davis Movie

sinatra1 Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Universal has acquired a project based on the life of Frank Sinatra from Mandalay Pictures.

Phil Alden Robinson is writing the screenplay, and Marty Scorsese will direct.

Writes Nikki Finke: “The Sinatra family gave its permission, which is not easy to get, and youngest daughter Tina Sinatra will be an executive producer along with Robinson and Garry LeMel, the former president of Warner Bros music division and himself a musician. The producers will be Peter Guber and his movie exec Cathy Schulman.”

This is great news because it looks like all the pieces are falling into place for what could potentially be a solid film about the legendary Fran Sinatra. No guarantees, just like the Miles Davis biopic. Sometimes it’s just tough to capture that kind of genius and cultural significance – in any medium.

Of course I read news like this, and I wonder what the status is for the Miles Davis movie. Don Cheadle as star still makes a ton of sense, but one has to wonder if a director like Scorsese was involved if the project would not be farther along in its development.

The Sinatra project appears to be a BIG, Hollywood movie, so with it the requisite hype, but we don’t know where the Miles Davis biopic stands; indie-flick, tier-2 Big Hollywood movie, etc…

If anything, the news of a Sinatra biopic only makes the anticipation for a film about Miles Davis that much more heightened.


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