Talkin’ Miles: 1959, Botti & Art


· Matthew Kohut writes in a Huffington Post commentary that 1959 was definitely The Year Jazz Threw Out the Rules. With Ornette Coleman’s The Shape of Jazz to Come, John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, Dave Brubeck’s Time Out and Miles DavisKind of Blue each released in 1959, it was a magical and revolutionary year for jazz. And why was 1959 such a creative high point?

“…jazz was ready for new lease on life,” writes Kohut, who notes that change, both musically and culturally, had been slowly building for years towards ‘59s amazing quartet of classic recordings; the last big transformation in jazz, that being the emergence of bebop in the early 1940s., that being the emergence of bebop in the early 1940s.

· All About Jazz reports that the last exhibition ever of drawings and oil paintings by Miles Davis will be showcased at The Exchange Court Gallery in London beginning June 1st. The Exhibition also includes some of the love notes Miles wrote to his girlfriend, Jo Gelbard, before his death.

Acquired from the private collection of Jo Gelbard, his sculptress girlfriend, who inspired most of his work during the last five years of his life, the Miles Davis Exhibition will run until June 6th.

· In Person: Friday & Saturday Night at the Blackhawk is an Essential Bay Area jazz album.

· Chris Botti: “There’s probably not a bigger Miles Davis fan on the planet than me, but I really only find myself listening to 1959 to 1966 for the most part…”

· Video footage: The St. Louis Legacy Jazz Quintet showcased songs from Kind of Blue Thursday night during a free show at the Missouri History Museum as a tribute to Miles Davis.

· The Miles Davis Movie: Yet another Don Cheadle project to keep him away from working on the biopic!


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