Sirius XM Needs A Miles Davis Channel

justmilesSirius XM satellite radio does feature The Real Jazz channel, which offers entertaining shows like The Blue Note Hour with Bruce Lundvall, In The Swing Seat and Beyond Jazz.

And you can definitely hear Miles Davis music throughout the channel’s programming.

But there is not a dedicated Miles Davis channel.

So with today’s less-than-stellar earning report from Sirius XM, I’m thinking now is as good a time as ever to launch a Miles Davis channel – perhaps the tonic the satellite radio conglomerate needs.

OK, that’s a stretch, but I’m serious about the Miles Davis channel.

All Miles, All The Time.

Have a dedicated host who knows his Miles Davis. Bring in interesting guests. Cue up a deal with Miles Davis Properties to present rare tracks and concert recordings. Re-broadcast the Miles Davis Radio Project.

Play a lot of Miles Davis music and only Miles Davis music. Time to get crazy Sirius XM. Time to get Miles.


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