The Miles Davis Movie: Breaking From The Standard

spain-miles Although the Miles Davis Biopic appears to be in some advanced condition of inactivity (I don’t really know, just a guess considering Don Cheadle is off wearing armor and hanging out with Iron Man), but were it to crawl out of the development hole and in front of cameras, a typical biopic is definitely something not on the menu.

I’ve covered Cheadle’s comments regarding a more inventive approach to the biopic template, and even though I’m on board for the most part, I had to pull up this item I had saved that actually supports the strategy to veer away from the same thematic pattern most bio-pics follow.

Singing the same tune: Craig Mathieson laments the fact that most music biopics are variations on the same theme.

He makes some pretty good points.

The downfall of most music biopics is that they never capture the milieu that harboured and stimulated the artist. There’s no understanding of how a ‘scene’, be it a group of bands torn between camaraderie and competition, or a venue or rehearsal space they share, can be crucial to an artist’s development. Screenplays look for decisive moments, turning points, but there’s never been a film, for example, that’s captured the utter boredom of a pre-gig soundcheck.

It’s amidst the fear and chill of an empty room, hours before a show, that insignificant moments can reveal a musician’s abiding rites and beliefs.


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