Miles Davis / Acting! or: Of Course Miles Davis Starred In An Episode Of ‘Miami Vice’

junk-love1In the season 2 episode of Miami Vice titled Junk Love, Miles Davis plays a character named Ivory Jones, who runs a brothel where Tubbs is working undercover. How is that not a recipe for TV awesomeness?

Via Hulu, here is the episode Junk Love for your viewing pleasure. Miles appears within the first 10 seconds.

“This particular episode dragged for me; however, anytime Miles was on my television radiated a high level of cool,” wrote John Crichton in his review of season two DVD for DVD Talk.

DVD Verdict’s Judge Ryan Keefer called Davis’ appearance “… another of several “what the?” moments on the show.”

“If there was something you weren’t supposed to be able to do, that was the big attraction. You can’t race boats down the inland waterway and then have one jump over a bridge. Yeah, who says you can’t? I even got Miles Davis to be a guest star, then Lee Iacocca, then Don King. We just did it all.” – Director Michael Mann, discussing the show he produced.


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