A Miles Davis Album Every Man Should Own

miles-davis-sketches-of-spain I look at Best Of lists (or related list-type-things) purely out of curiosity, but I put about zero weight behind any of them because who cares what the editors of this or that magazine think are the best movie sex scenes or songs from the ’80s. It’s pure conjecture, and even if I agree sometimes, it’s still mindless.

However, here in the land of All Things Miles Davis, anything related to the jazz icon grabs our attention – even where a list is concerned.

This brings us to Esquire and their 75 Albums Every Man Should Own feature currently online.

Here’s a quick and easy rundown of the 75 (thank you prefix).

There are some excellent selections and glaring omissions, but Miles Davis is among the 75, so at least we know the Esquire team isn’t nuts – because good lord every man (and woman) should most definitely own at least one Miles Davis album… if not three or four.

And while you might think they’d go obvious with “Kind of Blue,” instead they toss a curve ball and drop “Sketches of Spain” into the pool of 75. No complaints here.

Sketches of Spain, Miles Davis

Because jazz masters too infrequently step out of the genre’s improvisational comfort zone and into somewhere classical — somewhere with movements, somewhere in Spain.


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