Miles Davis + Skateboard = So Cool


Growing up I was more into surfing than skateboarding, but one look at Western Edition’s Miles Davis ‘59 Quintet Boards, and I’m ready to hit the local skate park immediately.

If there were any doubt about Miles Davis’ everlasting appeal to creative types look no further than these awesome skateboards from Western Edition’s 10-year Spring/Summer 2009 collection – a set of five each featuring a band member who played on “Kind of Blue” 50 years ago.

Western Edition is celebrating 10 years of board making this year, which also coincides nicely with the 50th anniversary of Miles Davis’ classic “Kind of Blue” album. What better way to celebrate than to build a set of freakin’ cool skateboards featuring the Miles David Quintet? None, this is perfect!

Maybe you’d prefer to catch mad air with John Coltrane under your feet. Or grind with bassist Paul Chambers. The whole gang is here in an amazing set of skateboards. I will take all five please!

The series includes two tee shirts featuring the Miles Davis graphic and a quintet of postcards to be included with each board.


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