The Sartorial Splendor of Miles Davis has a running series entitled Style Icon, where they feature a who’s-who of actors, musicians, athletes and other celebrity types for their excellent ability to look/be fashionable. It’s a list, so everybody is up for debate, but there can be no disputing Miles Davis as a Style Icon.

So we applaud for adding Miles to the roster. In fact, has a Style Icon section reserved just for jazz musicians (Jazz Style Icons), which is pretty cool. Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, Bill Evans, and Chet Baker presently make up the very cool, first foursome to this stylish list.

Writes Christian Chensvold: “In 1965, the legendary jazz critic and Esquire style writer George Frazier dubbed Miles Davis “The Warlord of the Weejuns” in the liner notes of a greatest hits collection. A hell of a nickname, even if no one knew what it meant.

“Before he got all freaky and avant-garde, Miles spent the late ’40s to mid ’60s dressed in various iterations of conservative dapperness, from the Brooks Brothers suits he wore at the time of his 1949 recording Birth of the Cool, to the slim European suits he sported for 1963’s Seven Steps to Heaven.”

Chensvold even provides a few tips if you’re thinking of following Miles’ sartorial technique: “…you can be a kingpin of cool in slim flat-front trousers hemmed with no-break, white oxford-cloth button-down patterned sports coat, and Bass’ new Dover model Weejun.”

I’ve hit on this previously, but costume design is going to play a big part in the biopic – as well it should. From the Brooks Brothers suits to the funky threads, Miles Davis always set the trends. The person tasked with costume design is going to have some fun with Don Cheadle and the cast. Good times.


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