Miles Davis Makes You A Better Guitarist

guitar_neckAs someone who, as a youngster, wanted to be Eddie Van Halen, I’ve always loved the guitar and guitar players – from Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Steve Miller, Wes Montgomery and Dickey Betts.

So here comes Wayne Brown and a fantastic post from his Wayne’s Guitar Blog titled:

Ten Miles Davis Tips for Guitarists

The article is inspired by the recent Kind of Blue at 50 panel at SXSW, which featured George Avakian, Vincent Wilburn, Jr., Erin Davis, David Fricke, moderator Ashley Kahn and Quincy Jones discussing the iconic album.

So what can guitarists learn from discussing Miles Davis and his famous recording? “A lot,” writes Wayne.

He adds: “The principals that guided Miles explain why he has been described as nanotechnology. The micro components of his music and ways can seem dissonant and counter-intuitive, but together they produce results that have fascinated music fans, musicians and scholars ever since.”

Don’t Dwell on the Past and Appreciate the Ballad are two of the ten, quite interesting, Miles Davis-inspired tips for guitar players.

Wayne also includes excellent quotes from the SXSW panel.

Guitarist or not this is a great post to check out for anyone who loves Miles Davis, or appreciates the craft of a musician. It also further illustrates the deep and far-reaching influence of Miles Davis on the creative process.

Creativity begets creativity.


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