Talkin’ Miles: Miles Davis, Reissued


• Good news for fans of the sweet wax. Four classic Miles Davis albums – Sketches Of Spain, In A Silent Way, Nefertiti, and Bitches Brew – have been newly reissued on 180 gram vinyl LPs, which should thrill even the most astute audiophiles. (St. Louis Jazz Notes)

• The Miles Davis Movie: Better as linear or nonlinear narrative or: Deconstructing the ‘deconstructed biopic’ (Link)

• Miles Davis: Music as Emotional Instability (troubled souls unite)

• Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (1969) (Video)

• Robert Irving III will present the world premiere of “Sketches of Brazil,” an orchestral homage to his mentors Miles Davis and Gil Evans, in August at Chicago’s Millennium Park. The piece commemorates the 50th anniversary of the recording of Sketches of Spain. Irving recorded and performed with Davis during the trumpeter’s comeback in the early 1980s. (St. Louis Jazz Notes)

• Have you picked up your Miles Davis skateboard yet?


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