Miles Davis reference on “Lost” will not go unnoticed!

milesdavis-1 I’m a big fan of Lost. Not a mega fan who spends hours deciphering each scene for some hidden meaning (though I do enjoy reading about the crazy stuff the cool, mega fans unearth!), but a dedicated watcher nevertheless.

So during Wednesday night’s entertaining episode, “Some Like It Hoth,” there was a moment when Miles Davis’ name was mentioned in conversation. For me, that’s cool. I always take note when Miles Davis pops up in, well, pop culture. There is a character named Miles on the show, and we finally get around to hearing one of the other characters ask Miles’ dad if he was a big fan of the jazz icon to name his son after him. That’s it. Just had to point it out. It’s what I do.

Of the numerous, post-game reviews of Lost episodes on the web (and Lord knows I need the deeper analysis to keep up), one of my favorites is located at The House Next Door.


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