Today in Miles Davis Movie News….


On the flip side, there’s nonstop news regarding star, director and driving force behind the Miles Davis Biopic Don Cheadle’s involvement with Iron Man 2, The Avengers and the seemingly dozens of other projects Marvel Studios has lined up.

The Playlist has a very thorough breakdown of the Marvel projects already on the production menu and those still traveling through the creative process.

Part IA Look Into Marvel Studios And The Fabled ‘Nine Film Plan’

Part IIA Look Into The Potential 2012 Marvel 3.0 Schedule & Beyond

If you look for the Miles Davis biopic on IMDB it’s listed with 2011 for release year. With The Avengers already slated, plus other projects in-development, I’m just not sure when Don Cheadle is going to be able to slide playing one of the most iconic figures in music and culture onto an already packed schedule.

Hmmm? Huh? Hmmm?

It appears likely that news of any real significance is going to be light.

However, conjecture will be plentiful.

I’ll breakdown this mega-anticipated biopic scene by scene, page by page and cast member by cast member if I have to – without knowing the slightest damn thing whatsoever about what is actually going on.

Still… it’s all about effort when writing about the biopic of a legendary, yet controversial musician with a non-traditional narrative that has now found itself locked in a battle for production space on an A-list actor’s schedule with a comic book empire that’s slowly but surely adapting its greatest and most popular characters into movies that will redefine the Hollywood blockbuster.

So there’s that.

We do have a new website on the cooker. That will be fun.

We’ll get there. It might be 2013 and re-developed into an Anime-style feature, but we’ll get there.


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