Miles Davis @ SXSW (postscript)

coolest_pic_ever Pictured: George Avakian, Quincy Jones, Rolling Stone’s David Fricke and Erin Davis.

Yesterday at SXSW was the big Kind of Blue @ 50 panel. The above photo comes courtesy Linda Park (great photo, LP).

Writes Linda: “Today’s Kind of Blue at 50 panel reminded me of the best parts of Davis. It was full of musical education, once in a lifetime stories and a reminder of the rich history that brings us all together here at ye olde SXSW.

When Quincy Jones joined in as the talk was nearly over and proceeded to do impressions of Miles asking Herbie Hancock if he liked his new shoes (an example of their onstage banter) and telling Jones “Everybody knows that’s my shit,” when he asked him to sign a painting, it was just… totally bananas. The back and forth dialogue between him and legendary jazz producer George Avakian, who turned 90 this week was a total delight… one of those rare and special SXSW moments that appear like magic… you can’t believe your eyes… but here’s the photographic proof.”

Ken Shane from PopDose (a great site, btw) also stopped by the panel: “The panel, particularly Avakian and Fricke, provided some stellar insights into Miles and his artistic process. At one point, Quincy Jones appeared in the back of the room, and was invited onstage. He had a very close relationship with Miles, and provided some wonderful, and often humorous memories of the jazz great.”

I’m sure it was a great event. I was definitely there in spirit.


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