Miles Davis and the Academy Awards

milesdavis3_crop From what I understand Miles Davis has never been nominated for an Oscar or attended the event. But, by all means, please let me know if I’m mistaken.

Of course the big topic around here is how the movie based on his life, once filmed and released, will do with the Academy Awards. If we go with the assumption that the Miles Davis biopic is going to be a smashing success (artistically speaking that is, but we can hope for box-office success as well), then a Best Actor nod is almost assured for Don Cheadle, who will have portrayed a truly legendary figure.

We’re not sure if the writers have drawn any juicy supporting roles, so hard to predict anything there. But the Original Screenplay award should be in play. Art Direction, Cinematography, Music (Score) and Sound Editing are categories I can imagine being possibilities, but really it’s Best Actor where the focus should/will be.

There’s always Best Picture, which I would never count out, but it will most likely depend on what other films are going to be in contention that particular year. When a film like “The Reader” gets nominated, but “The Dark Knight” does not it’s clear there is no rhyme or reason. If the Miles Davis biopic is amazing it will collect plenty of nominations and statues all the way through awards shows.

From what we know the movie is not going to be like “Ray,” a fantastic movie cut from a traditional, Hollywood blueprint (that screams Oscar attention), but more ‘deconstructed,’ which by no means doesn’t make it any less Oscar-worthy (or good, for that matter).

This is pretty much conjecture at its finest, but nice to think about nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Miles Davis and the Academy Awards”

  1. love miles love cheadle. the character the souls of each of these men were meant to interwhine. love to see this come to.

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