The Miles Davis Movie: Post train keeps a-rollin’ even with little biopic news


You might have noticed an influx of posts lately tagged ‘not related to the biopic.’ News is scarce from Team Cheadle lately and assorted production, casting and story details remain elusive.

So in the meantime, when I’m not trying to breakdown how the cinematographer should photograph the film from start to finish, or wondering how social media can be best utilized to properly market the biopic, I’m just going to write about Miles Davis.

If it’s regarding Miles Davis, I’ll write about it. Or link to it – like this Ben Ratliff review of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s concert this past week to honor the 50th anniversaries of “Kind of Blue” and John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.”

“Kind of Blue,” slow and emotional, as miserly with chord changes as “Giant Steps” is extravagant with them, remains a great jazz record.

So nothing about the Miles movie but it’s Miles Davis nevertheless. I’d like to just add that I truly appreciate all the support I have received since starting the project; the input from the readers has been terrific, and I say thank you very much.


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