Miles Davis and the road to success

499725441_ed355f1a31 Great post over at Prevential, Derek Halpern’s online resource for success driven individuals, by Matt Rodela called A Lesson in Cool: What Miles Davis Taught Us About Success.

A jazz fan with a penchant for entrepreneurship, Rodela illustrates how music and business are connected. It’s an interesting breakdown of how many of the techniques Miles Davis used during his career to ‘stay ahead of the curve’ can be helpful in the pursuit of achieving success.

Rodela writes, “There is a lot that this genius of hip can teach us about being successful.”

Amen to that.


1 thought on “Miles Davis and the road to success”

  1. Thanks for featuring my article, Jeff. This is a very cool site you have here, as I was unaware of a forthcoming Miles Biopic. I’ll definitely be sure to stay tuned to this blog for details!

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