The Miles Davis Movie: Cheadle hopes to have biopic ‘up and running soon’

images-2 Kam Williams of Black Star News catches up with Don Cheadle to talk about his upcoming family comedy, Hotel for Dogs. Lucky for us Kam asks Cheadle about the Miles Davis biopic. Nothing here to sound the ‘breaking news’ alarm over, but Cheadle does reaffirm his desire to avoid a cookie-cutter formula in favor of a more creative narrative.

BSN: What is on that list on the list you mentioned of things that you want to achieve in your career?
DC: I want to have longevity. I want my production company to be able to stand on its own two feet. I want to produce movies that I don’t have to be in. I just really want to have a foothold in this business and do the kind of work that I can stand by that has value. Hopefully, I’ll be getting this Miles Davis project up and running soon.

BSN: What made you want to do a bio-pic about Miles?
DC: I don’t really want to do a bio-pic. I don’t think that would be that interesting. I want to do something that uses his creativity and the energy of who Miles was more than a cradle to grave story about him. A straight biography could be better done by PBS.


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