In which Miles Davis acts in a movie

dingo I wish I could say I already knew Miles Davis was in a movie called Dingo. Really, I do. But no – no clue. Until I happened upon a clip via YouTube. At first I thought the movie might be about Miles Davis battling actual dingos (wild dog), which would have been a big surprise, though no less compelling, but it seems Miles Davis plays – wait for it – a jazz trumpeter named Billy Cross in “Dingo,” which is a 1991 Australian film (directed by Rolf de Heer) about the adventures of John Anderson (played by Colin Friels), who is an average guy with a passion for jazz, who travels from his home in outback Western Australia to the jazz clubs of Paris, to meet his idol – a Mr. Billy Cross.

Now I have not seen this film, and Lord knows I will do whatever it takes to see it, so I don’t want to pass judgment on whether or not it’s any good. There is a soundtrack available (composed by Michel Legrand and performed by Miles Davis and Chuck Findley), which I’m not too familiar with, but after reading some reviews and hearing a few clips I’ll say it’s not that bad.

I’ve actually seen the album cover numerous times but never thought it was for a movie – that co-starred Miles Davis! There are a few comments on IMDB about the film and all positive. So positive, in fact, that I’m really looking forward to seeing the flick.

So that happened. I found Miles Davis acting in an Australian movie that’s like Crocodile Dundee but with jazz.


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