If I Had A Grammy Vote


2009 Grammy Awards

Best Album Notes (Category 90):

* Art Of Field Recording Volume I: Fifty Years Of Traditional
American Music Documented By Art Rosenbaum
Art Rosenbaum, album notes writer (Various Artists) [Dust-To-Digital]

* Debate ’08: Taft And Bryan Campaign On The Edison Phonograph
Patrick Feaster & David Giovannoni, album notes writers (William
Jennings Bryan & William Howard Taft)
[Archeophone Records]

* Kind Of Blue: 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
Francis Davis, album notes writer (Miles Davis)
[Columbia/Legacy Recordings]

* Rare & Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign Of The Queen Of Soul
David Ritz & Jerry Wexler, album notes writers (Aretha Franklin) [Rhino/Atlantic]

* The Unsung Father Of Country Music: 1925-1934
Henry “Hank” Sapoznik, album notes writer (Ernest V. Stoneman) [5-String Productions]

The new (and quite terrific) Kind of Blue: 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition features in-depth liner note essays written by award-winning Miles Davis authorities Francis Davis and Gerald Early; session transcripts by Ashley Kahn; detailed 1957-60 quintet/sextet timeline by Bob Belden and Ken Vail.


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