The Miles Davis Movie: The table read


This post is inspired by a photograph I had seen in last month’s issue of Vanity Fair; the shot is of cast members and director Judd Apatow during a read-through from the upcoming comedy Funny People.

Looking over Apatow, Aubrey Plaza, Eric Bana, Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill, RZA, and Jason Schwartzman, scripts and notes in hand, I – of course! – wondered what a table read for the Miles Davis movie might look like one glorious day.

This is really just an excuse to discuss casting for the Miles Davis biopic. But seeing as the cast list presently stands at one there’s not much to talk about besides who we’d like to see play certain roles.

Seeing as I’ve been watching a lot of The Wire lately I’ll submit the ‘Bunk’ man himself, Wendell Pierce, for the role of Charlie Parker. This idea was originally suggested by longtime reader Ed.

I’m also still high on Common for the role of John Coltrane.


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