The Miles Davis Movie: ‘Kind of Blue’ making news, movie not so much

While news about the Miles Davis movie is mostly non-existent these days (did I just type ‘mostly?’ Strike that), Davis’ celebrated album “Kind of Blue” has been in the spotlight this week with the release of a lavish, collector’s edition box set to mark its 50th anniversary.

Tucked away in Steve James’ Reuters article about the famous recording there is a brief mention of the film: “…There is also a Miles Davis exhibition planned for the Cite de la Musique complex in Paris and a feature film starring Don Cheadle as the famously idiosyncratic artist.”

For the record Cheadle is spelled wrong in the original story.

Vince Wilburn Jr., Davis’ nephew and a manager of his estate, talked about an endless supply of Miles Davis music in the vault for future release, which is great news, but no mention of the film.

Not such great news.

* About that multimedia exhibition planned for the Cite de la Musique complex in Paris. The show is titled Miles Davis – We Want Miles and will run from October 16 2009 until January 17 2010.

Organised with the support of Miles Davis Properties, this exhibition by the Cité de la Musique follows Miles Davis’ musical and personal journey, from his hometown, East St-Louis, to his retrospective concert at La Villette in Paris, just a few weeks before his death.

As a tribute to his visionary approach, visitors can discover each of these “directions” along a pathway displaying photographs taken by the biggest names in musical photography, video excerpts from his concerts, instruments he or his travel companions played, rare scores and stage costumes, documents related to the creation of his albums, original releases of his great records, as well as works of art, paintings and sculptures, testifying to an aura which vastly exceeded the sphere of music.


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