Miles Davis dies on this day in 1991

Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis dies in Santa Monica, California, at age 65. The son of a St. Louis dentist, Davis began playing trumpet at age 13 and was playing with local jazz bands by his late teens. He moved to New York to study at Julliard and became roommates with saxophone great Charlie Parker. Davis struggled with heroin addiction but kicked the habit by 1954, the year he began releasing successful singles, including “Blue ‘n’ Boogie” and “Walkin’.” He assembled a jazz group called the Miles Davis Quintet, which became enormously popular, releasing classic albums like Round Midnight (1956). In the 1960s, Davis became interested in rock and began fusing jazz and rock to create an innovative sound. His 1968 album Bitches Brew was a major hit. Davis continued to produce popular recordings until his 60s. He died of pneumonia and other ailments.


1 thought on “Miles Davis dies on this day in 1991”

  1. Been away from the site for a while, so glad to see you’ve been keeping it updated.

    Always a sad anniversary. Also drives me nuts that his obituary was not good enough to crack the front pages of major American newspapers. Almost like an afterthought. Brutal. (Sorry, as a journo, this bugs me.)

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