The Miles Davis Movie: News? Yes, but don’t get too excited…

With Don Cheadle making the press rounds to promote Traitor, we have been able to get a bit of (new) information regarding the Miles Davis movie.

For the most part each interview/feature with Cheadle offers the same news about the Miles Davis project; it’s clear there is anticipation and intrigue about the project, which is a good sign. Usually any story with Cheadle nowadays contains a section about the status of the Miles Davis movie.

News-wise, it seems that Time Warner’s shuttering of Picturehouse earlier this year has stalled the flow of the Miles Davis movie.

Via The Hartford Courant: Cheadle’s Crescendo banner is still trying to mount a biopic of jazz great Miles Davis, with Cheadle to star and make his directorial debut. A green light appeared close until the distributor Picturehouse, folded. He remains optimistic and continues to polish the script.

But Cheadle does tell that the script is complete and currently in development. It seems that whole Picturehouse shutdown really slowed the Miles Davis project.

We have a script and we’re still developing it. We sold the movie to HBO-Picturehouse several months ago and then HBO and Picturehouse did their thing, so now we’re trying to figure out if that’s where we’re going to make it or if we’re going to make it somewhere else.

Did I start my blog a year too soon. No! I will just re-run old posts if necessary.!!

Am I anxious times 100? I am. I want this glacier-like to speed up, but at least I know the Miles Davis project is happening. It sounds like it needs a home, so hopefully we’ll be hearing soon about one studio or another ready to swoop in and be part of cinema history. Cinema history, I say!


5 thoughts on “The Miles Davis Movie: News? Yes, but don’t get too excited…”

  1. Too bad about this, but thanks for the update! It’ll get done. This is too important. And Cheadle I’m sure will have some decent pull to get people fired up about this project.

  2. Wow

    A movie about Miles Davis? Impossible. Miles is more a concept and a state of mind – not a persona as a movie needs to portray.

    I have loved Miles and his music for my entire adult life, but a movie just won’t work. He transcends anything like that.

  3. Hi Todd –

    That is a very interesting point. I think I just might have to explore the idea that a ‘movie just won’t work.’

    It’s a great theme for a post. Thanks…


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