The Miles Davis Movie: Cheadle on Late Show; no mention of ‘Miles,’ but I’m excited anyway…

cheadle_miles_getty_260 Don Cheadle, the man tasked with filming and portraying the legendary Miles Davis for the upcoming film, was on the Late Show Tuesday night to promote his new film, Traitor.

Did he mention anything about the Miles Davis biopic? No. Did he really have the time? No.

Perhaps if he shows up on “Charlie Rose” he’ll have the chance to discuss the Miles Davis project. But for now it’s all about Traitor, which is fine. There will be time to ignite the Miles Davis promotion machine.

I’ll say that when he walked out on stage I instantly envisioned him as Miles Davis; the ‘look’ is there, and I think he’s going to really make Miles Davis come alive on screen.

News about the Miles Davis biopic is slim these days, but we’ll take what we can get. Soon enough it’ll change and the tsunami of Miles Davis Movie news, analysis and opinion will flood the media landscape.

That’s going to be fun.


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