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The Miles Davis Movie: Will it be the best movie ever made about jazz or: Wow, there’s not a lot of movies about jazz

Let’s take a look at a shortlist of good-to-great films with jazz as its central theme (excluding documentaries…): “Bird” “Round Midnight” “Mo’ Better Blues” “Sweet And Lowdown” “Sweet Love, Bitter” “Tune in Tomorrow…” “Paris Blues” “St. Louis Blues” “The Benny Goodman Story” “The Glenn Miller Story” “Young Man with a Horn” “Lady Sings the Blues” … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: What scene would you especially like to see in the movie?

Let’s not spend the next 100 hours dissecting every important and negligible detail in the life of Miles Davis. However, there are numerous moments of public record that serve as significant milestones during the life and times of the great jazz man. No doubt many of those moments will make their way into the film … Continue reading