The Miles Davis Movie: what you might have missed

I’m having a blast writing about the forthcoming Miles Davis biopic, and I appreciate all the kind words from those who have dropped by the Blog to see what’s going on.

For those who haven’t been visiting the Blog since it started a few months ago, I thought I would stop the presses and provide the headline/link to some of the topics we’ve covered already regarding the Miles Davis movie.

I know, it’s not like I have been writing about this for a year, but I wanted to catch up anyone who might have missed some good stuff.

What should the movie title be?

Is Don Cheadle the right person to direct the film?

Who is going to play John Coltrane?

Who’s producing?

Will ‘Miles Davis’ premier at Cannes?

Who will distribute the Miles Davis biopic?

Is Don Cheadle the right choice to play Miles Davis?

Okay, that enough for now. Thanks, again!

And the band played on…..


1 thought on “The Miles Davis Movie: what you might have missed”

  1. Just read your recent blog posts. Hard to imagine Wesley Snipes as Miles. Maybe he would have morphed into the role, but from a physical standpoint, that seems hard to believe. I also once wondered if someone like Isaiah Washington of “Grey’s Anatomy” fame (or infamy, as it were) would have done Miles justice. He has similarly serious facial features, so maybe.

    Anyway, interesting stuff to ponder. Hey, maybe Snipes can play Trane?

    I hope they can get the movie together by 2009 since that will mark the 50th anniversary of “Kind of Blue.”

    I also hope Cheadle doesn’t focus too heavily on one era or another. I understand that it’s hard to be all inclusive (see “Ray,” “Walk the Line,” “Ali,” et al.) but it can be done (see the Malcolm X biopic).

    It’s just that with the renewed interest in his fusion-era recordings (some would say revisionist history, but that’s a whole other discussion thread) it would be hard to skirt that era, even if jazz critics and purists would prefer to forget about it.

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