The Miles Davis Movie: Hoping for a script leak – to me!

Lots and lots of chatter across the ‘Net this week about Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards” – his latest movie project about a raucous crew of American soldiers who travel into Germany in 1944 to kill a lot of Nazis.

You get the idea.

It should not be surprising there’s been a lot of QT news and analysis the last few days.

First the long-awaited/much discussed script was delivered to four, Hollywood studios.

Then there was the news Brad Pitt was in talks to star.

And then… the script was leaked.

Cue: mass (media) hysteria.

NY Mag (Vulture) got their hands on a copy of the script and followed with a detailed review.

Defamer was fed up with the hype and penned an open letter to Quentin.

Hey, I’m excited about the movie, too, which doesn’t even have financing yet, or really anything besides a script, but clearly the 165 pages long script has everybody jacked up and looking forward to next year’s release.

All of which leads me to Chris Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele -– the writers working on the script for the Miles Davis biopic.

I’m not sure if the script is even finished, but if it is/or when it is I’d like a copy. I’m happy to start the online madness for the forthcoming film about the jazz legend.

So guys, when you’re ready… I’m ready to read.


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