The Miles Davis Movie: Let’s check the (virtual) stock market

Having spent an enjoyable 2+ years at way back in the halcyon days of the tech boom I know my way around a virtual trading floor.

So I ventured over to the Hollywood Stock Exchange to see how the stock for the Miles Davis Biopic has been performing, even though it’s still early.

As of Thursday morning the film – ticker MILES – was trading at H$12.92. The high was H$15.65, so there’s been a dip.

For the record I purchased 25,000 shares of MovieStock for the Miles Davis Biopic. Then I switched gears and bought a H$1000 worth of Don Cheadle StarBonds.

I’m no financial mastermind, but I think the Miles Davis Biopic is seriously undervalued at this point. I say jump in now and secure your position. This is the Google of the movie stocks, I know it… !

And if I may be so bold as to slightly tweak one of the many famous lines of dialogue from the wonderful film “Wall Street” –

“Blue horseshoe loves… Miles Davis Biopic.”


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