The Miles Davis Movie: Who’s producing? Part II: The Cary Brokaw factor

Each of the producers I listed in the post prior is integral in bringing to life the story of Miles Davis, but I’ve decided to focus a quick write-up on Cary Brokaw.

I do not know Brokaw personally, but I am familiar with his work. That said here are five reasons why I feel good about the final product of the Miles Davis movie.

Closer (2004)
Angels in America (2003)
Wit (2001)
Short Cuts (1993)
The Player (1992)

Five different TV and film projects, each of which I am fond of. “Drugstore Cowboy” was also pretty darn good.

I’m sure not every project from Brokaw (and Avenue Pictures) is a critical success and box office hit, but as a producer his hands have been in the cookie jars of some excellent and varied projects.

Let’s add the Miles Davis biopic to the list.

Brokaw also seems to be the most senior of the producers in the producing sextet, so he knows the ropes as the project progresses. But it’s a team effort throughout.

I think about the storytelling and scale of “Angels in America,” the austere sexiness of “Closer,” the dark humor of “The Player” or the imaginative narrative style of “Short Cuts,” and I get a positive vibe about the large helping of experience (from each of the producers and the entire team) injected into the making of the Miles Davis biopic.

The five titles I chose differ in cinematic style, yet each poignant in their ‘own special way.’

Yes, I just used the title of a fine Genesis song from 1977’s Wind & Wuthering – “Your Own Special Way.”

When you write with the iPod on, the music will find itself into the text. It will…

While I extol Brokaw based on the titles linked with his name, the objective of this post is not to put him above reproach.

But in the context of the making of the Miles Davis biopic, I am pleased in the knowing that Brokaw is part of the team, like the crafty veteran brought aboard to bat third, teach the players about appreciating the game and ultimately steer the gang to success.

Cary Brokaw is Crash Davis.

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