The Miles Davis Movie: What should the movie title be?

I’ve read on the ‘net that the film is tentatively titled “Miles Davis.”

For me, that’s fine. Even “Miles” is just as commanding. Yes, it recalls “Ray,” but that worked out just fine.

And then there’s “Bird,” also a great movie title that says it all.

Jazz-related films like “The Glenn Miller Story” and “Young Man with a Horn” seem pretty par for the course, and “Round Midnight” is cool for just about anything – so that clearly worked for a film about jazz.

“Mo Better Blues” has a jazz-cat feel, very inside baseball, but I love it.

Much has been written about the importance of a film’s title.

“The Shawshank Redemption” is one of my favorite films, but my goodness that title did not help to sell the movie when it first debuted. I agree that moviegoers should be willing to look past a mediocre title when inquiring about a film, but the movie business is about marketing, primarily to as many people as possible.

Hey, a movie might be awful, but the title is great, so it’s a fine line.

Using song titles is a popular tradition in Hollywood, and for sure there are some Miles Davis tunes that might work as the title of the biopic.

Perhaps the very best way to promote the film is simply to call it “Miles Davis.” The name alone elicits a wide assortment of opinions and feelings.

That said:

What should be the title of the Miles Davis movie?

I already mentioned in the post about the movie poster that I think the words Miles Davis in white, centered on a black background would be striking. I’d like to have that! But perhaps I’m missing something. Maybe I’m not seeing the big picture in terms of what title might best represent the film.

The Movie Marketing Update and Movie Market Madness are good sources for all things ‘movie marketing,’ maybe they’d like to weigh in.

With any Hollywood or indie movie, promotion is vital, and I’ll be quite interested to see what the team behind the Miles Davis biopic comes up with in their marketing strategy for the film – starting with the title.

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Jeff loves music. He also loves band t-shirts, which has become something of an obsession. There's a vintage Roxy Music t-shirt on eBay for $299 he is absolutely going to get when he starts making the big bucks.

4 thoughts on “The Miles Davis Movie: What should the movie title be?”

  1. I like “The Prince of Darkness”!
    I’m still sticking with “Miles” or “Miles Davis,” but maybe the special DVD collectors edition could be called
    “Miles Davis – Two-Disc, “Prince of Darkness” Director’s Cut…”

    This is starting to get good… !

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