The Miles Davis Movie: Is Don Cheadle the right choice to play Miles Davis?

cheadle_miles_getty_2601 From the very start, when Don Cheadle was announced as the actor to portray Miles Davis (as well as its director) in the biopic, I have been on board with my support.

Let’s face it: this is a big deal for fans of Miles Davis who have been waiting for a big screen movie bio about the jazz legend. With recent films like “Walk the Line” and “Ray” becoming huge hits, in theaters and with critics, biopics are big business these days, so I’m sure plenty of movie lovers (as well as the critics) will be intrigued by this movie about such a fascinating figure that’s part of our entertainment and cultural history.

I’m sure the idea for a film has been discussed for ages, but now it’s happening and Don Cheadle is going to be the actor to make Miles come to life.

As a fan of Cheadle, particularly for roles in “Devil in a Blue Dress,” “Out of Sight” and “Traffic,” I have a feeling he will do the jazz legend justice in portraying his many moods, his many levels of genius. From afar it seems like a tough role to pin down – but that’s why some of these actors get paid the big bucks.

Jamie Foxx did a wonderful job as Ray Charles, and I can’t imagine those were easy shoes to slip into for the cameras.

At this moment I cannot think of an actor, not accounting for some multi-talented newcomer who might be perfect for the part but only casting directors know about, who would be a better fit to play the role of Miles Davis.

So I ask: Is Don Cheadle the best actor for the role, or did you have someone else in mind?

I’m anxious to see how Cheadle handles the performance sequences, as a director and actor, wondering how he intends to capture the subtlety and style of Miles Davis performing on stage.

I would love to know how Cheadle plans to ‘come after’ the story –

Where will he begin the narrative?
What kind of tone?
What are the central themes?
What segments of Davis’ career (be-bop, modal, fusion) will get the most attention?
Who is going to play John Coltrane?!

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of news out there regarding the production, but I’ll keep my eyes open. I have high expectations for what could be a fantastic movie experience.

I think it’s a tall order to make a Miles Davis biopic ‘work,’ but I feel good about Cheadle and this cinematic endeavor he has chosen – it’s sure to be something special.


2 thoughts on “The Miles Davis Movie: Is Don Cheadle the right choice to play Miles Davis?”

  1. Absolutely, Don Cheadle is the one to play this role. And he deserves it. I am so pumped about this. When I get home tonight (It’s nice to have a day gig where I can surf the Net.) I won’t know whether to listen to Miles or watch Devil in a Blue Dress again. Oh, man, this is totally wonderful. To say the least, I am a big fan of both gentlemen. Hooray, hooray!!!

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