Once Again

The ‘official’ MilesDavis.com should be something special, and one day it might be. But for now it’s not. The ‘Miles Davis’ brand seems to get stronger each passing year, the legend of the great trumpeter re-told by those who lived through the excitement and intrigue of his musical career and cultural impact to a younger generation becoming acquainted with the inherent ‘cool’ of the iconic musician.

That said, Miles Davis’ official website should be top-shelf across the board; a ‘Net salon of sorts for devotees and curious observers to congregate – listen to music, read essays, get news updates, buy merchandise and engage in all sorts of lively conversation.

Off the top of my head… the Hall and Oates official website is a treat all-around and serves as a shining example of how a strong community of fans, news and cool features can make an artist’s website a grand experience. MilesDavis.com is not that. I can think of plenty things to do with a superb domain and brand name like ‘Miles Davis.’ It could be big.

Have you seen the official Elvis Presley website? Well, the thing is a work of art, a new media shrine to the ‘King’ with all the bells and whistles to keep fans, old and new, coming back for more.

MilesDavis.com, I imagine, could be like this.

Anyway –

Because I’m not sure what MilesDavis.com has in store, I’m just going to assume it will eventually be the de-facto ‘Net destination for all things Miles; musical, social, cultural and so on…

Then again, I wrote this same post in March of ’07 (scroll down), and more than a year later the MilesDavis.com website continues to be bleak. A news update here and there, but that’s it. The forum is filled with spam and there isn’t any sense someone is even caring for the site at all. I cannot understand why the site languishes when it could be the ‘coolest’ destination going.

Look, I know there can’t exactly be tour updates, but the legacy is so enormous and the legend is so massive that surely the site can find avenues to fill with exciting content.

One check of a Google news alert and it’s clear to see that people still write about, talk about and think about Miles Davis.

And there’s a movie in the works! Hello!

I’d be very curious to know what the game plan is for Miles Davis Properties, LLC, which represents the site – mostly where the site is concerned. If Davis’ nephew, Vincent Wilburn, Jr., and the rest of the family that make up the foundation of Miles Davis Properties want to “keep Miles’ spirit alive,” then I would suggest hiring a content producer to get that site whipped into shape. No time like the present…

So, in the meantime, I’m back again to try and bring news and information (and some fun) to the Miles Davis experience – at least until the big machine at MilesDavis.com gets rolling to where it should be. I’m not attempting to be a fill-in for what I think the official website should be, I’m just here to have a good time and preach the Miles Davis gospel.

Trust me, I wish MilesDavis.com was in the same ballpark as Elvis.com, or R.E.M.’s official site. I know it’s not easy. It’s a job to maintain a dynamic site. But still… it’s Miles Davis.

The man deserves a fantastic official website!


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