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The Miles Davis Movie: Who will distribute the Miles Davis biopic?

A big topic of discussion around Hollywood these days is distribution; specifically indie-film distribution and the changing landscape for the specialty-film divisions. While the big studios are having a hot, hot summer with titles like “Iron Man,” “Get Smart,” “Wall-E” and “Wanted,” things are a but chillier for the art-house movie scene. We’ve already seen … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: Don Cheadle, trumpet player

I found this Asha Brodie interview with Vincent Wilburn Jr., nephew of Miles Davis (Miles Davis Properties), from March 2007 that had originally appeared on a month prior. It’s a good interview, and when they get around to discussing the movie Wilburn Jr. seems pretty upbeat – especially about Don Cheadle in the lead … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: Will/Should ‘Miles Davis’ premier at Cannes?

With the 2009Festival de Cannes set for May 13-24, is it possible the Miles Davis biopic could make its debut in the south of France? This is pure conjecture, but it makes more sense by the minute, especially when you consider the unique relationship between the jazz legend and the country. Miles Davis’ adventures in … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: Should Don Cheadle Be Working On This Pose?

What? It’s a legitimate question. It’s a classic image of Miles Davis. Everywhere you look there’s the unforgettable shot of Miles, leg slung over the folding chair, cigarette in hand – contemplating Lord knows what… If anyone knows the origins of the photo please chime in as I’d like to know. It must be from … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: What will the movie logo look like?

Let me first say that this post/question is inspired from a post I read today on the always informative/entertaining movie website First Showing. They have news (big news in some circles) abut the launch of the logo and website for the forthcoming Sony film “The Green Hornet,” set to be adapted by Mr. “Knocked Up” … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: When is the best time to release the film?

The question of release dates is probably best answered by people in the film biz, preferably movie execs, marketing gurus and distribution folks, but I’m nevertheless curious – especially when it comes to a film I am highly (highly) anticipating. I’ll just come right out and say that a Miles Davis biopic does not scream … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: What should the movie title be?

I’ve read on the ‘net that the film is tentatively titled “Miles Davis.” For me, that’s fine. Even “Miles” is just as commanding. Yes, it recalls “Ray,” but that worked out just fine. And then there’s “Bird,” also a great movie title that says it all. Jazz-related films like “The Glenn Miller Story” and “Young … Continue reading