Begin the Beguine


The ‘official’ should be something special, and one day it might be. The ‘Miles Davis’ brand seems to get stronger each passing year, the legend of the great trumpeter re-told by those who lived through the excitement and intrigue of his musical career and cultural impact to a younger generation becoming acquainted with the inherent ‘cool’ of the iconic musician.

That said, Miles Davis’ official website should be top-shelf across the board; a ‘Net salon for devotees and curious observers to congregate; listen to music, read essays, get news updates, buy merchandise and engage in all kinds of conversation. And so on…

Because I’m not sure what has in store, I’m just going to assume it will eventually be the de-facto ‘Net destination for all things Miles; musical, social, cultural etc.

But here I am, a great admirer of Miles Davis, who will try and bring news, information and fun(!) to the Miles Davis experience – at least until the big machine at gets rolling.

Oh, and there’s a Miles Davis biopic in the works, which I plan to talk about incessantly until it premiers.


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